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"Don’t you think it would be cool if Falcon was also in Avengers 2?"

I would dance the dance of joy.  I would dance the goddamn Mamushka.  I would DO A JIG on top of Mount Coot-tha while wearing some kind of home-made Falcon t-shirt.

I’m just saying.

I want Steve to just show up at Avengers Tower like, “He comes with me.”

And Tony is just kind of like, “Okay, sure,” because he’s heard about Sam from Hill, and so Sam ends up on Steve’s floor in another apartment, and when Tony realizes that Sam’s wings came from Stark Industries he spends a few days mechanically Bedazzling the fuck out of them, while Sam and Tony debate the merits of classic rock versus R&B.

(And then there’s the time Cap shows up with Bucky and says, “He also comes with me,” and Tony just sort of sighs and hands him keys to that other apartment on Steve’s floor, because he’s quickly learned that some Avengers have a bad habit of bringing home other superpowered freaks like they’re lost puppies or something, like that time Clint showed up with a brunette and a dog and didn’t even bother to ask for keys to the other apartment on his floor, just picked the lock instead.)

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Captain Adorable (◕‿◕✿)

#the context of all of these is so hilarious to me #1. his dumbass awkward ‘do you fondue?’ #2. his dumbass awkward ‘Haha right. Married. We’re getting married’ #3. I WANT YOUR APPROVAL — shot down #4. pride at his own ability to pretend shoot a toy gun #5. his dumbass flirting #6. I WANT YOUR APPROVAL — shot down (parte deux) (via kehinki)

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Yes, the Moffat era of Doctor Who is sexist. Because it’s television made in a sexist society. But it has things to say about that society, and they are not kind things. I genuinely fail to understand anybody who claims that the Moffat era is sexist in excess of background radiation. This is a show that’s repeatedly telling girls that they can be as cool as the boys, that the boys don’t always know better than them, and that love and independence don’t have to be antagonistic qualities for women. It’s a show that tells rape survivors that it’s OK to not be defined by the terrible things that happen to them. It’s a show that says that women aren’t done being sexy once they get a grey hair and their first wrinkle, and that tells the Doctor off for thinking otherwise.
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